Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hey Guys Gals Parents and Fellow Stoners

this blog is about dispelling some of the fears of weed and showing that when used for medical purposes and structured recreational use isnt actually harmful at all.

Alot of people have a certain disposition about smoking Weed when actually parents and teachers will give you the evil of marijuana rap how its bad for you how its going to fuck up your life and all that other bullshit
when actually it will do less damage to you than getting steaming drunk or smoking all the time

over the next few weeks i hope that parents and teachers will have a read of this blog and take into account that weed isnt as bad as you think i am also going to start taking signatures and trying to get support for trying to get it legalised in a structured manner and for medical use i shall explain it all in my next post of what the general idea is and what i hope to accomplish i will say i am not just another teenager who is like WOOO lets go get high because we can it is because i strongly believe that it is beneficial to the people who could use it and for the people who have a taste for it and who have a very structured ritual to smoking it in a controlled environment with friends

thank you for reading and i encourage you to tell your parents and your teachers to have a read of this blog and ask them to comment with any questions they may have

(ps i am very sorry if i make spelling mistakes i am dyslexic while i am using a computer i still sometimes dont notice the correct spelling due to problems with reading)